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21 kapitol pútavého príbehu o Marine, ktorá nakrúca film o pirátoch je načítaných Emmou Rose Korbel – 7 ročným dievčatkom presne takým ako je Marina.

Pri učení cudzieho jazyka najlepšie pomáha počúvať ho. Anglicky nahovorená audiokniha Marina Submarina je na to ako stvorená.




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Chapter seventeen About how the shooting was almost called off and who was to be blamed and also about who saved the day.


(Marínu Somarinku si môžete vypočuť aj po slovensky

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Hi! I’m Marina Submarina! One day, I’ve decided to shoot a great movie about pirates and monsters. With my grandpa and my friends, because one can’t do everything on their own. What’s more, it was loads of fun with them.

We took a secret oath on the carousel with Jonas and Chris that would never go to school again because we would already know how to make movies! And so we didn’t spend holiday climbing trees and riding bikes, well, all right, we did, but only a little! But we were thoroughly looking for the film crew and actors, scrambling costumes, making up the plan, arranging placing for shooting and, of course, shooting!

Experience film adventures, too, and shoot your own real movie with the help of this Audiobook!

Your Marina Submarina.

Chapter One

Why Marina is called Submarina and why she has a tattoo.

Chapter Two

About how Marina Submarina found out about the mission in her life.

Chapter Three

About the oath on the carousel and about how finally Grandpa arrived.

Chapter Four

About the script and why Jonas and Chris are offended.

Chapter Five

Script finished, film crew wanted!

Chapter Six

About how the director can’t be a yellow-belly and what’s the reward for producer.

Chapter Seven

About the big meeting in the sandpit and about how the shooting was unstoppably approaching.

Chapter Eight

Dangerous chapter which may not end up well…

Chapter Nine

About the floral lady and despair at the fountain.

Chapter Ten

Who’s Mr. Dzadon? That’s a surprise. But the main topic of this chapter is that Marina knows exactly who will play Christopher.

Chapter Eleven

Chapter where many problems will be solved but mainly the one with costumes.

Chapter Twelve

Chapter about the attic.

Chapter Thirteen

You can’t see famous writers on TV except in the city center. And how they were almost shooting but not quite yet.

Chapter Fourteen

About preparations and why Marina Submarina invented the LOOK.

Chapter Fifteen

About Ivy. And also about one rather important thing. Guess which one? Well, about filming!

Chapter Sixteen

Why sound designers shout cut and why apples fall on heads of naughty kids.

Chapter Seventeen

About how the shooting was almost called off and who was to be blamed and also about who saved the day.

Chapter Eighteen

About ice-cream, thirty-five millimeters and funny things but also about one sad thing.

Chapter Nineteen

About how you can’t find Malaysian Scriptacabra in the ZOO.

Chapter Twenty

Romantic Chapter.

Chapter Twenty-One

Sad chapter. Of course not, we’re just pulling your leg, it’s a cheerful chapter because everybody is happy but we will be sad because it’s the last one. That’s why it’s a sad chapter for us.


Kapitol: 21

Celková dĺžka: 3 hodiny

Formát: MP3, okamžité stiahnutie

Nahovorila: Emma Rose Korbel

Autorka textu: Marka Staviarska

Preklad: Michala Hudecová

Zvuk: Martin Králik

Marka Staviarska napísala knižku Marínka Somarinka. Ako vznikla myšlienka napísať knihu o nakrúcaní filmu pre detského čitateľa? Dozviete sa tu


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