This is a book about people who did not want to become heroes. What we often search for and cannot find in a world full of freedom, they found in the cold silence of prison cells.

Between 1949 and 1989, the communist regime in Slovakia convicted more than 70 000 people of political crimes – often just for studying, attending meetings or simply believing.

21 prisoners of conscience in their last years of life spoke about what they found behind the bars. Timotej Križka photographed these men and women in the dark, because that’s how they lived a part of their lives. But even though they lost their work, their reputation and their loved ones, they never lost their true identity. Their humanity, inner peace and the light that comes from the depth of a human soul.

“When we are restrained by something, we are given boundless freedom. You can be limited physically, but not even prison can rob you of the freedom of your spirit.”

Light in Darkness brings stories of 21 political prisoners in both Slovak and English language: Eugénia Vyskočilová, Rudolf Dobiáš, Michal Ivanko, Štefan Ružovič, Michal Vasiľ, Eugen Ján Kočiš, Ján Ďuro, Anton Srholec, Dorota Kravjanská, Jozef Tóth, Imrich Vanta, Imrich Mráz, Ján Chryzostom Korec, Františka Múziková, Ján Zeman, Jozef Mašlej, Akvinas, Ladislav Záborský, Justína, Bernard Pánči, Andrej Konc

Author: Timotej Križka

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