Zum Zum is a young publishing house from Slovakia. We publish stories that touch us. Here you can take a look at the list of our books. Feel free to contact us for more information about the books and rights.

Dobsinsky – bloody selection

Get back to the fairy tales again! Dobsinsky is a Slovak “Hans Christian Andersen“. The unique selection offers 15 fairy tales that were originally intended for adult readers. Each fairy tale is illustrated by different young artist and is accompanied by the curiosity from literary scientist.

Become a child again, but this time try to discover things in the fairy tale that children do not find because they do not understand them yet.

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Merithos – book from a teenager to a teenager

Action story about Semigod Kaz and magician Janet, who persuade, in their own unusual way, the nations of Merithos to join together in fighting against the enemy. Despite the fact that the story takes place in world of magic, dragons and God’s essences, the characters are so common that they may seem to be ordinary people from our world. Janet and Kaz will show you that oversight and sense of humour are important things even when you and your hippogriff are being attacked by Godrase’s army.

Slovak version of the book: format: 135×180 mm, number of pages: 144, illustrated by pen drawings, author: Juraj Staviarsky, illustrator: Martin Engler

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Marina Submarina – How do you make a movie, when you aren’t a grown-up

One day, Marina Submarina decided to shoot a great movie about pirates and monsters. With her grandpa and friends, because one can’t do everything on their own. What’s more, it was loads of fun with them.

Marina even took a secret oath on the carousel with Jonas and Chris that would never go to school again because they would already know how to make movies! And so they didn’t spend holiday climbing trees and riding bikes, well, all right, they did, but only a little! But they were thoroughly looking for the film crew and actors, scrambling costumes, making up the plan, arranging placing for shooting and, of course, shooting!

How did Marka Staviarska make up a story of Marina Submarina?

Slovak version of the book: format 165x235mm, number of pages: 136, author: Marka Staviarska, illustrator: Adela Režná

For more information about the book and rights, please contact us.

Spagati – Can you find humanity during the military service?

The book is an honest story of the life in a military company during the author’s compulsory service. Absurd regulations, human destinies, deafness, friendship, alcohol and oversight of Johny Salonka proves that good people can be found everywhere and humanity can exist even during nonsense military service.

Slovak version of the book: format: 131×196 mm, number of pages: 320, author: Johny Salónka

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