Make reading more exciting! Kids can even exercise a comprehension reading in a funny way

Majority of kids prefer watching You Tube then reading a book. Today’s kids have problems with the correct understanding of the story. However we want to encourage them to read! And why not reading on tablet or smartphone which are close to them? They even exercise comprehension reading in a funny way. How is this possible?

The adventurous story of Marina Submarina is waiting for them! They will learn all the adventures which Marina experienced while shooting her movie! The quiz appears after every chapter – Depending on their understanding of the chapter, kids will hear how big their applause is after making their own film. In other quizzes they win Oscars or find out what position they could fit for in the film crew.

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Director and everyone from the film crew should have a good memory. So that they don’t forget, that they haven’t shot the end of the movie yet, for example… Try this: Play the memory game with your kid, hear the original voices of the authors of the app, who dubbed the characters and have fun!

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