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Experience film adventures with Marina Submarina!

Marina took a secret oath on the carousel with Jonas and Chris that they would never go to school again because they would already know how to make movies! And so they didn’t spend holiday climbing trees and riding bikes, well, all right, they did, but only a little! But they were thoroughly looking for the film crew and actors, scrambling costumes, making up the plan, arranging placing for shooting and, of course, shooting!

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Excerpt from Chapter Six

About how the director can’t be a yellow-belly and what’s the reward for producer.

It was early in the morning. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Indy started barking. And everyone buried their heads under the pillow. Not the same pillow. Everyone under his. Dad went to answer the door. He was the least groggy from sleep of them all. Grandpa is always the biggest sleepyhead. Mum took after him. And Marina is after Mum. “Marina,” whispered Dad in Marina’s ear, “Sofia is here asking for you. Something about that film crew. She wants you to come down to talk to her.” This took Marina aback. Well, actually, she expected that but not so early in the morning! She put on her favorite T-shirt. Guess which one! Yes, sailor T-shirt. And her shorts, of course, too, who would go out without shorts. “Woof,” said Indy. “But you are a dog and you don’t have any shorts,” said Marina. She sped downstairs and opened the entrance door.

And she slammed the entrance door shut. But she screamed before that. Like this: “Whee!!” And dashed upstairs…

Written by: Marka Staviarska

Translated by: Michala Hudecová

Illustrated by: Adela Režná



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