Marina Submarina audiobook


Fun, adventure and new knowledge for you kids.

21 chapters of an adventurous story about Marina Submarina, who spends her holidays with family and friends shooting a film about pirates is narrated by Emma Rose Korbel – a 7 year old girl just like Marina.

The audiobook is distributed in MP3 format.


Marina Submarina ebook


Experience film adventures with Marina Submarina!

Marina took a secret oath on the carousel with Jonas and Chris that they would never go to school again because they would already know how to make movies! And so they didn’t spend holiday climbing trees and riding bikes, well, all right, they did, but only a little! But they were thoroughly looking for the film crew and actors, scrambling costumes, making up the plan, arranging placing for shooting and, of course, shooting!

Ebook is distributed in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats.