“I have always told myself that we learned about literature a lot. And we also had music lessons. But nobody told us how movies are made and about its history. Education is extremely important, nobody should doubt that for a split second. I gave it a lot of thought how to teach kids something about the film but in some unobtrusive way. I wanted their age brackets to get the taste of the film so that they have a feeling that the film is within their grasp. I couldn’t write about the history of the film because it would have to be a matter of imagination– Marina might travel in time.

I have witnessed countless of filmmaking and I knew that making up, shooting and completing a movie was not a simple task but at the same time, it is very interesting, adventurous and full of action. It could overwhelm kids! They would enjoy it, I told myself. And so I came up with real Marina, with a dream, on a real playground, with a real grandpa, parents, friends and a dog. I wanted kids to find out that they could do it themselves but also that there is a lot of hard work behind what they can see on TV and in the movies. And chiefly, a lot of creative work which may seem easy. But that is really only a mere illusion.

I actually wanted the parents to learn about the whole filmmaking process, too, along with children. I hope it is and will be like that. That they will start looking at the movie through different eyes. They will assess it, think about it, criticize it and be pickier in what movies they watch. And maybe little Marina should travel in time back to 1895 at some point! Why there? Because the film was born then.”

Audiobook, Ebook or application Marina Submarina.